The One Thing That Keeps Me Going








What keeps you going?

What motivates you?

Is it your legacy?  Is it your health?  Your family?  Money?

Regardless of your answer, there is no true “perfect ______”.  I remember when my wife and I were newlyweds and we began to breach the subject of starting a family.  I remember talking over a lunch date and wondering, “How much money do I need to have a kid?”  I’m very goal-oriented and wanted to set a savings goal so we could start procreating!  As if my future kids were mannequins in a department store with a price attached.

“I want THAT ONE, honey!  Look how his eyes sparkle!  And, oh, it’s 15% off when you sign up for the Pro Creation Credit Card!”

Any parent will tell you there is no "perfect" amount of money to save up for your kids.  Any financial planner will tell you there is no "perfect" amount of nest egg; no amount you can look at on a balance sheet, sigh contentedly and say, "I did it!"

No NFL quarterback will tell you there is a "perfect" game, or the "right" number of championships.

So here is what keeps world class athletes, parents, and business owners alike motivated.

One word:  PROGRESS.

In a world where chasing after perfection is futile, we must focus on the progress we are making.  You'll never have enough money, or enough muscles, promotions or square footage.

And, most importantly, what does that teach our children?  Life is full of disappointment.  I won a handful of trophies in sports as a kid but I definitely lost more than I won (in today's culture that's called a "participation" award).  It's OK to fail.  It's OK to never be perfect.

When it comes to your fitness goals, you can't focus on how far you have to go.  Get started, make progress and celebrate that progress.  If you want to play baseball with your kids every night this week but you only did it twice, that's OK.  Last week was "0", this week was "2".  That's progress, and in my house we celebrate progress.

What progress are you celebrating?  Comment below.

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