“Siri, Remind Me Every Day That I’m a Beast” >>> 3 ways to stay motivated



Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, especially when you set big goals that you know are going to take awhile.

Changes are not easy to see when you critique your body every DAY as you're getting dressed.

With physique transformation, progress is made in slow, incremental steps.  That dude in the mirror looks the same as that dude you saw yesterday.

During my transformation I sat down weekly and wrote down the most proud moment of the week before.  Towards the end, I was getting great compliments from people.  Strangers at the gym were stopping me and talking about how I was inspiring.  Social media became peppered with comments from those that were motivated by the changes that I was seeing.

It was a really profound feeling.  I had never been called an "inspiration" before.  And after 90 days I had 12 weeks of "proud moments".

The coolest compliment I received the whole time was from my 8 year old...he said "Dad, you look like Captain America".

Here are 3 practical ways to stay motivated.

  1. Take progress pics every 4 weeks - You might want to start by taking progress pics every day.  TRUST ME - this is a waste of time (unless you want to do a time-lapse transformation** bonus -> Creed soundtrack!)  When you think you haven't made a ton of progress by week 4, look back.  You can make a dramatic change in 90 days.
  2. Track your weight (and body fat if you can) - Again, focus on progress not perfection.  There is now "perfect" physique.  How To Be A Fit Dad is a lifestyle...it's all about integrating fitness and great food into being a fit, happy, family.  It's about balance...so focus on the progress you're making.  See if your gym has a way to measure your body fat.  I haven't found home body-fat methods very trustworthy.  For weight, make sure you're weighing in under consistent circumstances.  For me:
    1. Wake up
    2. Pee
    3. Weigh in (and keep track in something like MyFitnessPal app).  
  3. Have Siri (Katana, Ok Google) remind you you're a freak - A beast.  A manimal.  A friend of mine is significantly more motivated by negative words ("Siri, remind me every day at 2:00pm I'm a disgusting wide-body.  Remind me when I wear tight sweats my butt looks like a bag of wet clothes.")  Set the reminder for a time when you are most vulnerable.  When I'm carb cycling, I get tired/bored/distracted at work and would love to have some coffee and some carbs.  So at 2pm my phone buzzes and I'm reminded that I'm working towards something.

Whatever it takes!  Comment below on ways that you stay motivated.  You can do it.

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