How to be a Fit Dad and Have a Birthday Cheat Meal

cheat meal

I turned 35 last week.  And planned my cheat meal around my birthday.

It's been an interesting year.  I've learned a lot, travelled a little, and lost a bunch of weight (243 in January to as low as 193 in May).

One of the many things I have learned is how to "cheat well" with my food.

I don't know why we (Americans, at least) use special occasions to pass out face down in pie tin with our hands tied behind our back.

"It's my 2nd anniversary of the day I decided to talk to my wife about trying to get our youngest kid in preschool...let's EAT!"

Birthdays and holidays are the worst.  I have always struggled with over eating and don't want to ever let my personal problems derail my goals of being a Fit Dad.

With a birthday coming up I had to enlist a new strategy for my cheat meal.

Most weeks I eat a very low- or no-carb diet Sunday through Friday, then carb reload on Saturday (check out my Fit Dad Quick Start Guide for more specifics of the plan)

STEP 1 was moving my birthday celebration from Friday (my actual birthday) to Saturday (carb day!).  I enjoyed a massive amount of blueberry whole grain protein pancakes for breakfast, which gave me a huge pump for a great workout.

STEP 2 was planning my meal.  I let my awesome wife know about a week in advance what I'd like for my birthday dinner (NY Strip, asparagus, and sweet potato mash).  Something nice, delicious, relatively easy to cook and that our whole family could enjoy.

STEP 3 was pre-portioning my food.  We didn't have any leftover potatoes (Sunday was back to low- or no-carbs), which was by design.  We did, however, have 1-2 more cooked portions of steak as well as several servings of asparagus (which I promptly consumed on Sunday).

STEP 4 was getting a small, pre-portioned amount of cake.  There is a bakery in town that sells these small, single serving bundt cakes.  We got 4 of them for our family of 5.  My wife surprised me with a great set up in a park near our after wolfing down the cake we went for a long walk.

It was the perfect way to end the day.

To recap:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Portion out your food for a cheat meal
  3. Go for a walk after a large cheat meal
  4. Bonus: Drink lots of water (aids in digestion)

Bring on 36!



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