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Il ranger principale vengono a. In tonnellate di società, una squadra d’altro canto piccola sezione viene richiesto con il concetto. Questo è esattamente come chiedere ad un singolo ingegnere loro astronauti sul mercato per sviluppare la propria nave nuova unità per consentire loro di prendere la maggior parte di noi a Marte. In spesso la…

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Disney World Survival Guide (for Fit Dads)

disney world survival guide

Disney World Survival Guide Part 1: The Road Trip Eyes…drooping. Minivan…swerving. Butt…    …. Oh, there it is.  Asleep on the job. After Thanksgiving, for some reason we thought the best way to get to Orlando from Colorado Springs would be to drive. Well, we didn’t just drive straight there.  We took several phases through…

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How to be a Fit Dad and Have a Birthday Cheat Meal

cheat meal

I turned 35 last week.  And planned my cheat meal around my birthday. It’s been an interesting year.  I’ve learned a lot, travelled a little, and lost a bunch of weight (243 in January to as low as 193 in May). One of the many things I have learned is how to “cheat well” with…

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You’re [Probably] Not Drinking Enough Water

water bottles

You probably need more water. I played football in high school.  In Texas.  Practice started in August. Let that sink in for a moment. Any day under 100 degrees we would rejoice.  When you sweat through foam and plastic to drench a jersey or uniform, you do a happy dance when a cloud briefly blocks the sun.…

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When I Saw This Guy at the Gym, I Stopped Making Excuses

no excuses

I turned up the volume on my headphones to try to concentrate.  My head was slightly lowered I finished my set and took a few deep breaths of recovery. I try to drown out the sounds of a crowded gym.  Breathing.  Grunting.  The clang of weights being racked, bad pop music from the speakers, and the…

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is for Beginners

beginners diet

By this time you have undoubtedly heard about the importance (perceived, real, or otherwise) of eating smaller, nutrient rich meals more frequently throughout the day.  Ditch the massive breakfast, lunch and dinner and divide your calories between 5-6 meals throughout the day. My guess is you’re not a 19th century farmer, waking up at 5am…

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The One Thing That Keeps Me Going


Perfection? Drive. Ambition. Family. Fear. Discipline. What keeps you going? What motivates you? Is it your legacy?  Is it your health?  Your family?  Money? Regardless of your answer, there is no true “perfect ______”.  I remember when my wife and I were newlyweds and we began to breach the subject of starting a family.  I…

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“Siri, Remind Me Every Day That I’m a Beast” >>> 3 ways to stay motivated

  ‘ Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, especially when you set big goals that you know are going to take awhile. Changes are not easy to see when you critique your body every DAY as you’re getting dressed. With physique transformation, progress is made in slow, incremental steps.  That dude in the mirror…

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You’re Not in High School Anymore

high school

Late last year, after work, I settled into my usual seat on the couch with a few of my friends. After a few minutes of rowdiness, the noise in the room started to die down and someone blurted an ice breaker. “Hey! What’s your proudest accomplishment in life?” Since this particular room was comprised 100% of men, we naturally…

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3 Things My 4 Year Old Taught Me About Dreaming Big

dreaming big

His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands folded intently in front of him. The small, flickering flame from the lone candle had sent a single bead of melted wax downward; precariously close to the chocolate frosting. Small wrinkles had formed around his eyebrows, and to a passerby he looked like he was praying (at least…

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