From 19.1% body fat to 4.8% in 120 days?

The True Story of a Father of 3 Who Went From a Fat Dad to a Fit Dad in under 16 weeks.

It was January of 2015.  And just 7 days earlier my 6 year old asked me a question that changed my life...

We had just returned to my home in Colorado from an awesome holiday break visiting family in Texas and Oklahoma.

A week earlier I was with my 3 sons (ages 8, 6 and 4) in my parents’ hot tub. After we were done steaming and I was drying off, my 6 year old innocently asked me, “Daddy, why is your belly button so deep?”

I was humored at first. This would soon be filed in my memory alongside similar posits such as, “Daddy, why are your teeth yellow?” or “Daddy, why are your armpits so furry?”

The curious, honest observations of children...

Now I have to admit, belly-button depth isn’t a metric that I’ve used over the years to track my fitness goals. And, without a tape measure handy, you could say that the depth was...trending upward (or inward??).

If you haven’t figured it out yet...I was fat. I was a fat dad. And for any of you other fat dads out there you know that as you pack on the pounds over the years, your belly button becomes more...cavernous.

A week after this innocent inquiry, back in Colorado, I climbed on the scale in my bathroom. Following 3 seconds of the numbers dancing around (Biggest Loser style) I watched as the LED lights light up the area with a blue hue.


2. Then a 4. Followed by a 3.

I was 243 pounds. Easily the heaviest I’ve ever been.

To put things in perspective I have spent most of my adult life (34 at the time) in the 220-230 pound range. At 6’3” I could fill out most t-shirts and trick people into thinking a lean, chiseled body was under the wide, heavy frame.

In college I was as light as 200 pounds. Following some experimentation with weight training I was able to get my body fat under 7%.

12 years later, following a move across the country, soul-sucking career choices, and the indescribable joy of growing a family, I found myself in this situation.

I was on the unsustainable roller coaster of weight loss and gain. 1-2 times per year I would have an “event” -- a period of 8-12 weeks with a goal in mind to lose 5-10 pounds. Maybe it was a vacation, the summer, realizing my clothes didn’t fit anymore....

Something had to be done. A lifestyle change. For me. And for my family.

I sat down at the kitchen table and got out a pen and paper and wrote something down.
Something I had never done before.  Something so shocking I didn't tell anyone about it, except my wife.

The Ultimate Fit Dad Toolkit

The Ultimate Toolkit

"Get under 7% body fat and compete in the Southern Colorado Competition on May 16th".

This was a Men's Physique Bodybuilding event with hundreds of people in the audience.   I didn't know anything about Bodybuilding other than I assumed you had to get several layers of spray tan (I was right!), probably had to shave a lot of body hair (right again!) and you wore board shorts.

I had to get started, and didn't know where to begin. I learned a lot.  A lot about nutrition, exercise.  I studied, read books, joined a fitness team, talked with people that had done it before me.

The funny thing wasn't that hard. And it worked.

Once I knew what I was doing (and how to monitor what was working) I fell into a routine.  Preparing my meals become a standard part of my weekend.

I looked forward to going to the gym.

I found ways to integrate (key word there) this healthy lifestyle with my friends, job, and family.

My wife was seeing changes in my attitude, energy levels and confidence as the weight was melting off.

People were calling me -- what's the word -- an "inspiration".  (That was a first).

During the process I also entered a body-fat transformation contest at my gym.  It was a 90 day competition on who could lose the highest percentage of body fat, and it ended 1 week before my Physique competition.  5 finalists were going to win $1,000 and the top overall transformation winner got $10,000!

Without telling anyone I entered the competition.

Me and 5,000 of my closest friends.

I was already 3 weeks into my journey and I had already made a little progress, but this gave me even more motivation to do something special.

90 days later I got an email.

The Ultimate Fit Dad Toolkit

The Ultimate Toolkit

I was in the top 5.  Out of 5,000 people.

Long story short, after 3 days of tornadic voting activity I didn't win.  And that's OK.

I was so proud of myself.  I knew I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I had become a Fit Dad and was an inspiration to my family, my 3 sons, and countless others.

Back to the Physique Competition, I did OK in that too.  After all the dust cleared I had lost 50 pounds, won 2 trophies in my first competition (3rd in 1st-timer, 5th in novice).

The Ultimate Fit Dad Toolkit

The Ultimate Toolkit

The good news is, I can teach you everything you need to know to be a Fit Dad.  I have curated years of research, workout methods, techniques, and programs to bring you the best of the best.

I have a lot more to share with you about How to Be a Fit Dad.  In fact, I put together a "Getting Started Toolkit" that has everything you need to get going, including:

  • Basic items you need to get started
  • How to get more sleep as a busy dad
  • Super simple tips on eating out (what and where)
  • And so much more...

It's so easy to get started.  Just click here.

- Cody Burch